S1 Supreme Swim Fins Navy/Ice Blue

S1 Supreme Swim Fins Navy/Ice Blue

Stealth Swim Fins
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The Original Stealth Fin developed in 2001. While the shape has remained the same, the S1 has received a few upgrades over the years. Stealth Swim fins offer a combination of style, comfort, power, and efficiency which is why so many surfers and swimmers rely on these fins.

STEALTH fins are simple in design and offer all the needed features a high-performance person in the water is looking for, whether for a competition or for recreation. These fins excel for bodyboarding whether prone or dropknee, bodysurfing, casual snorkeling, open water and/or lap pool swimming.

This comfortable fin is crafted with 100% Malaysian rubber for optimum power and projection. The soft pocket features the unique Stealth drainage system allowing sand and broken shells to wash out. Additionally, the foot pocket is designed soft for comfort while secure to your foot.

Natural rubber ankle straps help keep the fin comfortably fastened to your foot when in use in all surf and water conditions. The unique angled dolphin arcblade is designed for maximum thrust and acceleration, right and left fins allow maximum thrust for minimum effort.

Size Chart:

X-Small (2.5-4)

Small (4.5-6)

Medium (7-8.5)

Med-Large (9-10.5)

Large (11-12.5)

X-Large (13-14.5)